Our volunteers 2016

  • Hélène and Vincent had visited us in 2012. They came back last December and everyone rejoiced.
  • Masks making worshop
  • Gymnastics session
  • Building kites…. and sharing smiles and laughter during the last activities.
  • Afif is a football coach in France. The children were impatient to meet with him last November.
  • He contributed his enthusiasm and dedication to train the children, in spite of the rainy season.
  • Though sunshine did appear : a gorgeous day at the beach…
  • … But no time to relax : sport comes first !
  • Thank you to Sonia who bravely joined in.
  • Manon and Marina are formally trained as teachers. For 3 months of Autumn, they dedicated their time and energy to the children of Klang Leu.
  • Dining party in the heart of the village.
  • Kisses and cuddles : a special moment indeed.
  • Everyone working together social work for the comunity
  • Daily activities : learning while playing !
  • Movie time !
  • Look at our 2 new football fans, back in July.
  • Here are Erwan and Patrick, who study business management in Paris.
  • They are experts in playground slide construction.
  • La Rochelle Business school is back in Klang Leu this summer with Maeva, Olivia and Cécile
  • They helped to set up the playground and the vegetables garden in our new home
  • A lovely relaxing day at the beach, in spite of wind and rain.
  • Candyce and Maud displayed many virtues when they visited Klang Leu in January and February 2016 :
  • caring, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility and tolerance.
  • At the apex of their multiple projects : a celebration dinner in the village with all the parents !
  • Our 4 volunteers from the Atlantic business school in Nantes are perfect at multitasking :
  • harvesting vegetables
  • cooking
  • clearing the wild vegetation from the garden
  • moving house
  • They show an incredible amount of energy in June 2016.

Hélène & Vincent


Manon & Marina

Patrick & Erwan

Maeva, Olivia et Cécile

Pauline, Adrien, Baptiste, Clément

Candyce & Maud