Our volunteers 2015

  • Thanks to the enthusiasm of Gauthier and Pierre-Maël, the “PMG Klang Leu” is launched during summer 2015.
  • Long live this valiant team of Cambodia !
  • Fun and educational activities ; arts & crafts in the centre ; helping to build a house ; reinforcing hygiene rules : our volunteers from the Red Cross team from Rennes.
  • Future professional pediatric nurses Ingrid, Ilona and Adeline are always on deck with their communicative smiles (June 2015).
  • It took only one day in Klang Leu for these students from the French School in Singapore to conquer the hearts of the children.
  • An moment of exceptional sharing with Ainoa, Amandine, Emma, Isabelle, Baptiste, Brian and Valentin (January 2015).
  • It’s hot, hot, hot in Klang Leu in January and February 2015 ! Victoria and Honorine, both students at La Rochelle Business School, spare no effort to engage the children: beach outing, games, factory tour, visit to the fishing port, awareness of environmental issues … always with a smile.

Pierre-Maël et Gauthier

Ingrid, Ilona et Adeline

Aïnoa, Amandine, Emma, Isabelle, Baptiste, Brian et Valentin

Victoria, Honorine