Family support

To provide decent housing for the families, repair of the wooden houses damaged by termites or the unforgiving rainy season is a priority for the association. We buy the materials needed while parents are in charge of the actual renovation and building.

In 2012, three new houses were built.

In early 2014, the families of Srey Hon and Srey Tai were waiting for a new home before the start of the rainy season, to replace their own miserable housing. The work was done quickly thanks to the generosity of many donors from Singapore and St Avertin (near Tours, France).

Nearby, new public toilets were constructed to encourage sanitation.

In 2015, with the generous support of Nouveau Challenge pour le Cambodge, Chan’s family and Rithy’s family were all sheltered in new decent houses.

The association also finances the purchase of mosquito nets, sleeping mats, blankets, powdered milk and hygiene products.


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