The tuition-assistance

Every year at the start of school in October, the association finances the purchase of school uniforms, shoes, and school bags for 60 children.

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To compensate for the missing gaps in some of the children’s education, Samrith started to offer them (since September 2013) 4-5 hours of tutoring each week, outside of their classes in government schools. She has already noted significant progress in reading, mathematics and writing. Children appreciate her efforts so much that they often visit her home every weekend to ensure that the tuition sessions will take place !

Six children benefit each year from this personalised support which allows them to regain their confidence. And almost every Saturday or Sunday after their additional courses, Samrith takes them to the park, the beach or restaurant to reward them for their attendance.


In order to complete the education of older children, Peanich teaches them their daily 1-hour English class. The 15 enrolled children are divided into 2 groups. Assessments take place every six months to check their progress.

To encourage reading, the children have access to a library of a hundred books in Khmer language, within the centre. The children are always excited to hear all these beautiful stories read by Mom and Peanich. The library regularly acquires new books.