The PMG Klang Leu *

The football project in Klang Leu began in October 2014. Two students from La Rochelle Business School sent us their application for a humanitarian mission in our centre for summer 2015. Their resumés mentioned their experience with football and coaching : perfect profiles for this project which the children had been requesting. When I announced the good news in January, the smiles filled the room. Even the girls were determined to be part of the team.
Gauthier and Pierre-Maël appealed for free soccer uniforms and soccer balls from local football clubs in France. In Sihanoukville, thanks to the enthusiasm of Stéphane, Managing Director of the company Wegroup Ltd/Grand Artic, a soccer field was kindly made available to us. He even helped us to build goal posts!

Our two coaches arrived early June with packed suitcases. They did not expect such an enthusiastic welcome! Despite many difficulties at the beginning (28 boys and girls of all ages ready to kick a ball without knowing any of the rules, no training equipment, the constant rain that made the field difficult to train and last but not least a huge language barrier on both sides), they still managed to set up in a very short time extremely motivated teams for the training sessions that took place 3 times a week.

Here is their report we received mid-July :

“Despite the sun, heat, wind, rain in this season, the players’ motivation have been unshakable thanks to facilities worthy of the great Barça and an atmosphere close to the ” Selecao “.
Led by the iconic captain Su Han nicknamed “Maradona” by the field experts, the results are up to the demands of the presidential duo Peanich – Mom. The top scorers, Sina and Panha, can easily compare with the stars of the Spanish league Messi and Ronaldo.
According to the testimony of Li Ya (loyal supporter), the team of PMG Klang Leu has never been stronger. The locker-room smiles could also be seen in the stands.
At the end of the training, everyone is obviously tired. A private bus, “Tuk tuk Thon”, has been arranged to ensure that everyone returns home safely.
Despite the differences in age, gender, level, everyone seems to have found pleasure and happiness.
However, we know that we still have work to do. Our scheduled departure in late August should not be the end to the football club’s project. We need to find one or more person(s) capable of turning this club into the best Cambodian club in the coming months and years. ”

At the end of 3 months of exemplary work, Pierre-Maël and Gauthier departed late August for France. Everyone was very emotional. While waiting for a new coach, Peanich has valiantly become the interim coach on the field. However, we are confident we will quickly find in Sihanoukville a volunteer sportsperson to mentor the players of PMG Klang Leu.

* PMG = merry mix of Pierre-Maël, Gauthier, OM, PSG (whatever makes you happy ….!).


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