Visit “Klang Leu”

Carte_CAMBODGEOur visitor centre is at the top of a small hill, just outside of Sihanoukville It is next to the market located along the main road to Phnom Penh.
Klang Leu is a village surrounded by several textile factories and a brewery. Its name, which means “stock (Klang) at the top (Leu)”, comes from its historical mission of warehousing goods for the industrial port of Sihanoukville. Most residents of Klang Leu are employed in the textile factories or as dock workers or on construction sites, generally with very precarious employment contracts. The average monthly wage is USD 60. On days there is no work, there is of course no compensation. Employment contracts are often for a week or even only a day.
The standard of living for the families we care for is so low that it does not even allow them to have decent housing or access to healthcare. In 2006, when we arrived at Klang Leu, almost all the families were living in slums and the kids received very little education. Today, all the children go to school (some are now in high school) and enjoy a much better lifestyle.