Our history


Anne and Jacques, founders of the association “Les Enfants de Klang Leu” (“Children of Klang Leu” in French), left France for Cambodia in 2005. Upon arrival in Sihanoukville, they met with Peanich, a young Khmer. He introduced them to the district of Klang Leu, which consisted of a large group of huts made of rusty metal sheets, cardboard or empty bags of rice, with no water or electricity. There, under-fed children of sometimes very young age had to take care of their even younger siblings during the entire day while their parents went to work. This responsibility made it impossible for them to go to school.
In 2008, Anne and Jacques opened a creche in the village to accommodate 15 children, aged 3-month to 6-year olds, consequently allowing their older siblings to go to school. Toiletries, food, games, napping and cuddling in a safe environment were now available to the young children. Soon after, the older children started coming to the centre once their school day was over.

JacquesIn 2011, Anne and Jacques officially created the association
Les Enfants de Klang Leu. That year, the number of children in need tripled, making it necessary to rent a larger accommodation. It had a kitchen, shower, toilet, game room and even a small classroom.

Today, the centre is able to accommodate 50 children every day, providing them with additional educational support, monitoring their health and that of their parents as well as helping families to have decent housing.