Our team

Paid staff :

Peanich is the coordinating manager of the centre. He provides English language classes, extra-curricular activities and arranges transport for the children to visit the health centre.
Mom and Ly-Ya, both baby minders, together with Sophea who takes care of the youngest children, teach children the most basic rules of hygiene, cook balanced lunches for everyone and treat minor injuries. In between reading stories and arranging activities, they distribute lots of hugs and kisses to each child.
Samrith gives 5 hours of tutoring each week, outside normal school hours.
Mr Kouch takes care of the orchard. He also ensures the safety of our center at night and is in charge of carrying out all minor repairs daily.

Volunteer staff :

Cambodia :
Guy and Gérard provide on-site monitoring of accounting, forwarding the information to the board members in France.

In France :
Catherine is the president of the association : she ensures the smooth administrative operation of the association. Anne, the treasurer, coordinates field actions and communication. Jacques, the secretary, largely contributed to the construction and repair of houses.