Larger, greener and more secure !

These were indeed our goals when we went house-searching in the early days of summer 2016. Located in the heart of the village, tucked in a quiet corner, the place we rented recently is more spacious. It matches our expectations in terms of hygiene and security. There is also a fenced garden where children can unwind, away from dust, noise and hazards from the main road.

Do some of you remember our first house, back in April 2008 ?

We were so proud then : we were hosting, for the first time ever, 15 children in a tiny wooden house covered with straw. There was a single room only, where children played, ate and slept : the older kids were finding it hard to concentrate on their homework.

Nevertheless, Peanic, Mom and Liya jumped in with us and the rest is history ! 8 years later and they are still around with us.



After 3 years, the number of children we were helping out had doubled. The older ones all attended school but whether 3 or 14 years old, they were all eager for more educational activities, games, tender and loving support and healthcare. To attend them better, we moved into a new home close to the village : one small room was dedicated to classes, another to meals and enrichment activities, while the largest room was for games and naps.



Last June 2016, we were able to move into a bigger house, better suited to the children’s growing needs : they are getting older and a larger number of them attend our learning support classes, as well as computer and English classes. In the former accommodation, we were too close to the main road and its constant noisy traffic ; it did not have a garden either. We took the opportunity that the lease was finishing to move out, still within the village. Our June volunteers coordinated the move ; the June and July volunteers helped the children to settle into the new place : decorating it to make it more child-friendly, preparing the new vegetables garden and, more importantly for the kids, building a proper playground ! To top it all, to the delight of all the children, a table tennis table was also set up.