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Support Children of Klang Leu.

The average income of a Cambodian family in the best case scenario is USD 60 per month.

A tin of powdered milk costs USD 7, a mosquito net USD 4, 2kg of rice USD 1.5.

In such a context, every donation counts. Your funds are entirely spent on the needs of the children and their families.

  • 500 tins of powdered milk per year
  • Hygiene supplies, diapers, drinking water
  • Food for children every morning
  • Medical, surgical and dental care
  • Transportation costs to clinic or hospital
  • Stationary supplies, books, notebooks, pencils, painting, games …
  • School uniforms, shoes and bags for children at the start of every new school year
  • Maintenance costs of the centre and renovation of small furniture
  • Housing renovation
  • Sleeping mats and mosquito nets
  • Exceptional financial assistance to families
  • Operations and activities costs

To make a donation, simply contact us by email or phone. We welcome you with open arms. We will issue you an official receipt, regardless of the amount of your contribution. Your help is essential.

We are extremely grateful to all our donors and thank them deeply !

Whether private or institutional, donor generosity enables us to fund all the activities of the association. Without you, nothing would be possible.

Thank you to all the friends of Children of Klang Leu which we cannot mention here together with the associations that support us :

Nouveau Challenge pour le Cambodge
Enfants des Rizières
Sorya Association
Humanitarian group of the French School in Singapore

Many friends of Klang Leu visit the children, who always expect these visits with great anticipation. For example Marc and Marie, our friends from Nantes who represent the association Nouveau Challenge pour le Cambodge, have been supporting us for many years, they filmed a video showing the outstanding work done on site by our supervising team and the joy that fills the children every day. I let you enjoy this moment of happiness :